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Canare TC-1 Crimp Tool

Canare TC-1 Hand Crimp Tool
Canares TC-1 Hand Crimp Tool is total Canare quality all the way. Made of hardened Swiss Steel, the TC-1 can be used with interchangeable Canare die sets (soldseparately), and features a 50,000 dura-cycle lifespan.

  • Interchangeable Die Sets sold separately
  • TCD-35CA for BCP-C25F and BCP-C3B connectors
  • TCD-35D for BP-C3, BP-C4, BP-C5, TNP-C3, TNP-C4, TNP-C5
  • TCD-4CA for BCP-B4F
  • TCD-55UHD for BCP-D55UHD
  • TCD-D253F for DCP-C25HD, DCP-C3F 1.0/2.3

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