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Canare TS-100U "5 in 1" Coaxial Cable Stripper

Canare TS-100U "5 in 1" Coaxial Cable Stripper

Stripping and prepping coaxial cable for Canares true 75-ohm BNC, F and RCA Crimp connectors is simple, quick and easy. No more hassles working with razor blades. All Canare TS series strippers dramatically reduce assembly time when compared to other commonly used methods. Simply insert the cable, rotate and remove. Completes the job in just 15 seconds.

Features and Benefits:

  • TS-100U "5 in 1" tool - Rotary knob selects 5 different cable set-ups
  • 3 Circular Steel Blades cut evenly and precisely
  • Blade Height is fully adjustable - wrench included
  • Special extra "side-slit" jacket blade
  • Unique V-Guide aligns coax in center of chamber
  • 5 Factory Pre-sets OR Create your own settings
  • Max. Cable O.D. - .158in - .433in (4mm - 11mm)

Factory Pre-set Settings for:

  • Belden 1855A
  • Belden 1505A
  • Belden 1694A
  • Canare L-2.5CHD
  • Canare L-4.5CHD

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