CLS 425-50

CLS 425-50


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Loudspeaker Cable Multicore flex (Sold by the Meter, 1m)

Lots of power combined with high flexibility: our CLS 425-50. The cable features 4 x 2.5mm² sheer copper power for high loads and is highly flexible due to its strand design of 50 x 0.25mm strands.

A cost-efficient and, at the same time, easy to handle loudspeaker multicore for LIVE and installation purposes.

Composition of cores 4 cores
Conductor area 2.50 mm²
category Loudspeaker
Composition of conductor 50 x 0.25 mm
Material bare copper
Conductor resistance 8.0 Ohm/km
diameter 10.2 mm
test voltage 2000 V eff.
weight bulk cable 180 g/m



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