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The original ultra-slim, breathable strap.

URSA Straps are 1mm thick, comfortable, low-profile straps.

Using New Fabric Technology to create a unique bonded fabric which hook gripper can grip to at any point.

Ankle Straps are available in 3 Colours : Beige, Black or Espresso. – Big Pouch only to suit all units.

Please see the below transmitter guide for details on which Pouch Size suits your transmitter.

More About URSA Ankle Straps

  • Dimensions: 39cm long x 10cm wide
  • Unique oval of Gripper is fitted inside the Pouch to keep the transmitter in place.
  • Big Pouches measure 10cm tall x 8cm wide
  • Integrated cable pocket allow the mic cable to be looped and secured on the strap without the need for sticky tape.
  • Colour Coded labels allow quick identification of strap size.
  • URSA Straps are Machine Washable at 40 degrees
  • Hang dry or Tumble dry at a low temperature.
  • All our straps are manufactured by hand in the United Kingdom.

The URSA Ankle Strap measures 39cm and is designed to wrap around the ankle. Available in 3 Colours (Black, Beige & Espresso)

Alternative Ankle Strap uses!

URSA Ankle Strap Alternative Uses
  • Connect gripper on straps when washing.
  • 40-60ºc short wash – hang to air dry or low heat tumble dry.
  • Keep straps and accessories sterile with URSA Zipper Cases

Product Specifications

All URSA Leg Straps come fitted with a Big Pouch – this means you get maximum compatibility with a snug fit on larger transmitters, whilst smaller units are looser, they are still held well within the pouch.

Strap Type Leg Strap Size Comparison
Ankle Strap 39 x 10 cm
Calf Strap 47 x 10 cm
Thigh Strap 63 x 10 cm

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