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TubeMix Tube Recording Mixer


The ART Tube Mix provides a compact versatile audio interface. The Mixer supports two mic inputs, one high Impedance Instrument input, and two line inputs simultaneously. The Tube can be assigned to act as a dual channel tube mic preamp, or stacked and applied to the Instrument input for added warmth and tone with guitar or bass.

TubeMix Applications:

  • All input channels = fully featured with 3-band EQ, two aux sends, pan and level controls
  • Select inputs include input trim control and clip indicators for optimum level setting
  • High impedance instrument input has an amp simulation function
  • Versatile output section allows separate stereo monitor mix on the main buss while recording the via aux buss, or vice versa if required
  • Flexible Control Room/Headphone section allows routing to monitor the main mix, USB input and aux sends for maximum flexibility
  • Authentic VU meters and wood side panels add to the great vintage look and feel of the USB TubeMix

Key Features

  • Fully Featured Tube Driven Five Channel Stereo USB Mixer
  • Two Wide Dynamic Range Low Noise Mic Preamp Channels
  • Dedicated High Impedance Instrument Input with Amp Simulator
  • Integrated 12AX7 Tube can be Applied to Either Microphone or Instrument Inputs
  • Switchable Low Noise +48V Phantom Power for Condenser Microphones
  • Precise VU Meters and Wide Range LED Meters with Selectable Source
  • Fully Featured Input Channels
  • Flexible Control Room / Monitor Section
  • USB 2.0 compliant. No special drivers needed with most modern versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux


Input Impedance Microphone: 3.5k Ω
Line (CH1, CH2, CH3/4), 10k Ω
CH5 (Inst.), 1M Ω
Output Impedance Main, Control Room (Balanced/Unbalanced), 150/100 Ω
AUX Outputs, 150 Ω
Headphones, 100 Ω
Frequency Response 20-100kHz + 1dB
Maximum Input Level CH1, CH2 (Mic), +9dBu
CH1 CH2 (Line In), +20dBu
CH3/4 (EQ Flat), +20dBu
CH5 (EQ Flat), +16dBu
AUX Return, +24dBu
Maximum Output Level Main, Control Room (Balanced, Unbalanced), +20dBu/+17dBu
Aux Send, +20dBu
Headphones, 100mW / Ch @ 300 Ω, 50mW /Ch @32 Ω
Maximum Gain LINE IN to Main output (balanced), +63dB
CH 5 to Main output (balanced), 56dB
CH3/4 to Main output (balanced), +30dB
Equivalent Input Noise Microphone (@max gain), 127dBu “C”wtd.
Line (@max gain), -105dBu “C” wtd.
Instrument (@ max gain), -112dBu “C” wtd.
USB Computer Interface USB class compliant plug-and-play Mac and PC interface
A/D, D/A 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, USB selectable from computer
Phantom Power Switch selectable, +48V DC, filtered, current limited
Power Requirements 18 VAC, 1000mA
Dimensions 3.3″H x 7.8″W x 10.4″D (84mm x 198mm x 265mm)
Weight 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
Note 0 dBu = 0.775Vrms

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