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Dynacord POWERMATE 1000-2


All components, the mixing section, power amps and integrated digital effect units follow an uncompromising design offering at least the same functionality and performance as their counterparts that are comprised of discrete single components. POWERMATE mixers combine all the functions of a professional audio system in a single, elegant and extremely compact enclosure, which not only guarantees easiest transportation but also quickest installation, plus that they provide extraordinarily easy operation.

From 8/10 Mic/Line inputs to 22/26 Mic/Line inputs, from 2 x 300 watts to 2 x 700 watts: POWERMATEs are available to suit any application. Each version represents a problem solution for individual sound reinforcement tasks; always providing professional quality.

The power amps in the POWERMATE power mixers correspond to professional 19"-power amps when it comes to design, dimensions, set of features, performance and operational reliability.

Especially the user of a power mixer needs high-quality effects. He also wants to use different effects simultaneously or create effect combinations through mixing.

That is the reason why POWERMATE mixers offer two absolutely independent digital effect units providing most advanced 32-bit effects algorithms. All effects - from room or plate reverb, delay, chorus, and echo to gated reverbs have been tested under live-conditions and are optimized for live-applications. That's the reason why they sound so impressive - and not only in the music store. The effects are sorted by effect groups and provided in 99 presets each, which ensures quick and easy programming. 


 Specifications Maximum Midband Output Power, 1 kHz, THD=1%, Dual Channel: into 4 Ohms 2x700W, into 8 Ohms 2x430W
     Rated Output Power, THD=0.1%, Single Channel: into 4 Ohms 2x700W, into 8 Ohms 2x350W
     Maximum Midband Output Power, 1 kHz, THD=1%, Single Channel: into 4 Ohms 2x870W, into 8 Ohms 2x500W
     Maximum Output Voltage of power amplifier, no load 70 Vrms
     THD at 1kHz, MBW=80kHz:
     MIC input to Main L/R output, +16 dBu, typical < 0.005%
     Power amplifier input to Speaker L/R output < 0.01%
     DIM 30, power amplifier < 0.01%
     IMD-SMPTE, power amplifier, 60Hz, 7 kHz < 0.01%
     Frequency Response, -3dB ref. 1kHz:
     Any input to any Mixer output 15Hz ... 80kHz
     Any input to Speaker L/R output 20Hz ... 70kHz
     Crosstalk, 1kHz:
     Fader and AUX-Send attenuation > 85 dB
     Channel to channel > 80 dB
     CMRR, MIC input, 1kHz > 80 dB
     Input Sensitivity, all level controls in max. position:
     MIC input -74 dBu (155 μV)
     LINE Input (Mono) -54 dBu (1.55 mV)
     LINE Input (Stereo) -34 dBu (15.5 mV)
     Power Amplifier Input +6 dBu (1.55 V)
     Maximum Level, mixing desk:
     MIC inputs + 21 dBu
     Mono Line inputs + 41 dBu
     Stereo Line inputs + 30 dBu
     All other inputs + 22 dBu
     Record Send output + 14 dBu
     All other outputs + 22 dBu
     Input Impedances:
     MIC 2 kOhms
     Insert Return 2,2 kOhms
     EQ Input and 2 Track Return 8 kOhms
     All other inputs > 15 kOhms
     Output Impedances:
     Record Send 1 kOhm
     Phones 47 Ohms
     All other outputs 75 Ohms
     Equivalent Input Noise, MIC Input, A-weighted, 150 Ohms -130 dBu
     Noise, Channel inputs to Main L/R outputs, A-weighted:
     Master fader down -95 dBu
     Master fader 0 dB, Channel fader down -90 dBu
     Master fader 0 dB, Channel fader 0 dB, Channel gain unity -83 dBu
     Signal/Noise-Ratio, power amplifier, A-weighted 105 dB
     LO Shelving ± 15 dB / 60 Hz
     MID Peaking, mono inputs ± 15 dB/100Hz.... 8 kHz
     MID Peaking, stereo inputs ± 12 dB / 2.4 kHz
     HI Shelving ± 15 dB / 12 kHz
     Master EQ, 2x7-band, 63, 125, 400, 1k, 2k5, 6k, 12k Hz ± 10 dB
     Phantom power: 48V DC
     Power Consumption at 1/8 maximum output power, 4 Ohms 640 W
     Dimensions, (WxHxD), mm 514.5 x 210.3 x 478.7
     Weight, without lid 20kg

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