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UW30 Underwater Speaker 30W Saltwater Proofed 15m Cable

The UW30 represents a departure in the design of underwater sound sources. Its unique design, U.S. Patent #3,670,299, utilizes the case's structural enclosure as the sound transducer. This development makes possible a speaker that has no metal parts exposed to the outside, thus eliminating rust, corrosion or other causes of short-life expectancy. The transducer principle and its strong construction allow the UW30 to operate at much greater depths than any prior type of underwater loudspeaker design. The 12.7-ounce ceramic magnet and state-of-the-art voice-coil construction ensure full-fidelity response with the lowest possible distortion throughout its power range.

The UW30 is equipped with a waterproof, 3 conductor 15.24 m (50-ft.) cable. The UW30 underwater loudspeaker is designed for permanent installation and completely submerged operation. All internal components are encapsulated with a "hot-melt" (Polyamide Copolymer) process. The outer case is constructed of high impact ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. Ideal for installation in both fresh and saltwater pools, the UW30 can even be installed in ocean environments without adverse effect. Problems such as corrosion and electrolysis damage inherent in all or partial metal underwater speakers are completely eliminated by the plastic construction of the UW30.

A single model UW30 will deliver uniform sound throughout moderate pools, up to 30 by 30 feet. For larger pools, up to 30 by 60 feet, two speakers should be used. If a high level of turbulence is to be overcome, such as swimming and diving instruction classes, several speakers should be used. The noise level in the water will not only be more effectively overcome, but it will also allow each speaker to be operated at a lower power level thus avoiding excessive sound intensities in the immediate vicinity of the speakers. Underwater speakers are required equipment for many activities in commercial and luxury resort pools. As specified by the American Athletic Union, underwater speakers are required for synchronized swimming events and instructions in Olympic pools. They are used for water ballets and similar water shows. When underwater speakers are installed in resort and private pools, the effect of music played underwater is truly an enchanting experience.

  • Specifications:

    • Weatherized: Yes
    • Nominal Impedance (Passive):
    • System Power Handling (Continuous/Program/Peak): 30Watts
    • Power Rating: 30W
    • Available Color: White
    • Height: 7.2" (183mm)
    • Width: 2.6" (66mm)
    • Weight Net: 63.49oz (1800g)
    • Input Connections: Waterproof cable
    • Dispersion: Omnidirectional Underwater
    • Recommended Installation Depth: 1.2m (4.0ft)
  • GTIN:


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