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SCHOEPS SuperCMIT Digital Shotgun microphone

The SuperCMIT defines a new type of shotgun microphone. Its directivity goes well beyond that of conventional shotguns, even those with long interference tubes. It offers completely new possibilities for the sound engineer.

The SuperCMIT is a digital microphone (AES42 standard). This standard is supported by many present-day mobile recorders as well as some mixing boards.

  • Innovative, digital shotgun microphone with increased directivity, based on the analog CMIT 5
  • Exceptional suppression of diffuse sound
  • Completely new functional principle based on two transducers
  • Patented DSP algorithms from ILLUSONIC
  • Two-channel output: SuperCMIT signal on channel 1, with unprocessed (CMIT) signal on channel 2
  • SCHOEPS sound quality: transparent sound despite high directivity

Order Number:

  • No. 140301 SuperCMIT, standard-blue, Digital Shotgun microphone, incl. SG 20, W 170, premium case
  • No. 140302 SuperCMIT, anthracite gray, Digital Shotgun microphone, anthracite-grey, incl. SG 20, W 170, premium case. Set including SuperCMIT, anthracite-grey, Microphones: Surcharge for custom color
  • No. 140303 SuperCMIT incl. Mini-DA42 & breakout cable Set with digital shotgun microphone for use at analogue or digital inputs. Set including W 170 g, SuperCMIT, PSD DC, Type C (Europlug), Mini-DA42 without power supply, Breakout cable for Mini-DA42, Premium case for SuperCMIT, SG 20
  • No. 140304 SuperCMIT incl. PSD 2 U, Set with digital shotgun microphone for use at digital inputs. Set including W 170 g, SuperCMIT, PSD 2 U without power supply, Premium case for SuperCMIT, SG 20, PSD DC, Type C (Europlug)


Technical Specifications

Pickup pattern

Supercardioid / lobe-shaped

Frequency range

40 Hz - 20 kHz


-31 dBFS at 1 Pa

Equivalent noise level (A-weighted)

14 dB (channel 1)

16 dB (channel 2)

Equivalent noise level (CCIR)

27 dB (channel 1)

28 dB (channel 2)

Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted)

80 dB (channel 1)

78 dB (channel 2)

Maximum sound pressure level (THD < 0.5 %)

125 dB-SPL

Latency period

channel 1: 1.6-6.25 ms (frequency-dependent)

channel 2: 1.6 ms

High shelf filter

switchable, +5 dB at 10 kHz

Low cut filter

switchable, 80 Hz, 18 dB/oct.

Output impedance

110 Ω

Maximum cable length

>200 m


Yes, highest immunity

Powering standard / Valid range

AES42 / >6 V

Current consumption

170 mA


XLR-3M, digital: AES42 Mode 1, 48 kHz

Channel 1: SuperCMIT

Channel 2: Unprocessed shotgun




280 mm


112 g


21 mm

Surface finish

custom color:
anthracite gray, chromagreen


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