Special 110 Mini Windjammer

Special 110 Mini Windjammer


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Rycote Special 110 Sphere Mini Windjammer

Product Code: 055323

The Rycote Mini Windjammer Special 110 Sphere attenuates high wind and atmospheric noises that compromise the performance of your microphone. With a thick, furry design, this microphone wind protector provides the maximum protection against unwanted noise. The special sphere size is compatible with microphones with a maximum diameter of 1.9" and a length of 4.1".


The special sphere size fits microphones with a diameter of up to 1.9" and a length of 4.1". All dimensions are quoted on the foam windshield.


The thick fur cover eliminates low- and high-frequency wind and background noises.


Designed to fit externally mounted microphones, the Mini Windjammer is easy to fit over your microphone. Just pull the cover over the existing foam and secure the touch fastener.

Suitable for Microphones with a diameter of up to 50mm (2") and a length of 110mm (4-1/4")

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