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Electro-Voice SAND-1 Mic Stand Clip for ND46, ND66 and ND44

Stand Adapter for EV ND44, ND46, and ND66 Microphones

Mic Stand Adapter for the ND44, ND46, and ND66

Get your Electro-Voice ND instrument mics up on stands with the SAND-1 adapter. This accessory makes it easy to put your ND44 anywhere you would a traditional mic: in front of a vocalist or horn section, on an acoustic guitar, placed as a room microphone, and more. It's also an OEM replacement adapter for the small-bore ND46 and ND66 in case you need a spare, or in case anything should happen to yours. If you're looking to diversify your ND series, of if you take your mics on the road with you, Sweetwater recommends investing in an extra Electro-Voice SAND-1 stand adapter or two.

Electro-Voice SAND-1 Mic Stand Adapter Features:
  • Mic stand adapter for the Electro-Voice ND series
  • Lets you mount your ND44 to a traditional stand for new applications
  • OEM replacement adapter for the ND46 and ND66 - always nice to have a spare
  • Fits securely
  • Made of affordable black plastic
Get a secure fit for your ND-series instrument mics with the Electro-Voice SAND-1 stand adapter!

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