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S-3602U 2-ch SONY BP-U Charger and Adaptor

› Charger for SWIT LB-SU98 DV battery
› 2-ch intelligent charging
› Compatible with SONY BP-U series batteries
› 1 DC adapting output for SONY cameras
› 4-level LED charging indicators

SONY BP-U series DV battery Charger
S-3602U is a dual channel charger for SWIT LB-SU98 and compatible with SONY BP-U series batteries.

Intelligent Dual Channel Charging
S-3602U has 2 charging channels, totally DC 16.8V, 1.9A output,and can charge 2 batteries sequentially to 75% capacity, and then charge both batteries simultaneously to full. The 4-level LED charging indicators are provided for each channel, which indicate the real time capacity by percentage when charging.

AC-DC Adapting Output
S-3602U has a 5.5mm/2.1mm pole socket of DC12V, 1.9A adapting output. The package also provides a DC cable for adapting SONY PMW-EX1/3/100/200 cameras.

Power input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Charging output: DC 16.8V, 1.9A×2
Adapting output: DC 12V, 1.9A
Applicable battery: LB-SU75, LB-SU98, SONY BP-U series
Applicable camera: SONY X180, Z280, etc
Dimensions: 136×110×53mm
Net weight: 0.36kg

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