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  • M/S double clamp allowing Mid-Side (M/S) stereo pickup with the BLM 3 in the Mid channel

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  • No. 161104


The MS-BLM can be used when making M/S recordings with a BLM 3. Its larger side holds the microphone amplifier (CMC). The smaller (8 mm) side either holds a CCM 8 or an Active Cable with an MK 8, which should be placed over the sound inlet of the BLM 3.

The engraved “8” on the end of the MK 8 or CCM 8 should lie parallel to the plate of the BLM 3, and the red dot should point to the left when viewed from behind the microphones.

The great advantage of M/S technique is the ability to make adjustments during post-production. The “M“ and “S“ channels can be recorded directly, and matrixed into stereo left and right signals in playback. The apparent width of the stereo image can then be set appropriately for the given situation.

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