G5 Carbon Fiber Boom Pole


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Rycote G5 Carbon Fiber Boom Pole

The Rycote G5 Carbon Fiber Boom Pole is compact, lightweight and extends to 8'2" (2.50m) in length. The G5 features 5 sections and the grip-and-twist locking mechanism that was popular on the A5 boompole. The locking system may be broken down for easy cleaning and maintenance. The G5's carbon fiber construction and absence of metal parts make it a lightweight solution for location recording, news-gathering and more.

Robust lightweight pole with quick release mechanism
Easy to clean thanks to unique, patented locking mechanism

Product Code: 185601

Key Features
  • Length: 2' 2" to 8' 2" (0.66 to 2.50m)
  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Five Sections
  • Quick Release Mechanism
  • Grip & Twist Locking System

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