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Electro Voice EVID-S44W Wall Mount Speaker System - White

Product Overview

The Electrovoice EVID Compact Sound speaker series continues the EVID family’s focus on form and function, with stylish, architecture-friendly design, a best-in-class performance-to-size ratio, and user-friendly installation and operation.

The system is designed to provide exceptional background/foreground audio performance in retail spaces, restaurants, and similar environments – all while being heard but hardly seen.

In addition to EV-engineered components for superior quality and reliability, the system features quick-access connections, simple wiring, and flexible mounting options (hardware provided), and is compatible with a variety of existing EV amplifier products, making it a great choice for contractors and end-users alike. Available in black or white finish.


  • A complete matched background/foreground music speaker solution.
  • Large 8-inch (200 mm) woofer transducer for substantial low frequency output.
  • Direct connection of satellites to subwoofer — simplifies installation wiring.
  • Mounting brackets with wide range of motion for surface mount satellites provide easy and secure mounting of speaker to wall.
  • Convenient detachable phoenix style signal connections speed up installation time.
  • Electrovoice Evid 40S Subwoofer:
  • High-performance EV-engineered 8" transducer with high-efficiency multi-mode audio crossover network.
  • Compact, high-density wood enclosure with port for extended bass response, secure snapon speaker grille, and quick-mount slide-on bracket system.
  • Easy-access signal connections with Phoenix-style connectors for quick wiring, user-friendly mode selector for stereo or mono operation, and easy-tap selector dial (supports 4/8 ohm inputs or up to 100 W / 70/100 V audio connections).
  • Electrovoice Evid 2.1 Satellite Speakers:
  • 2" wide-range mid/high-frequency driver designed for broad, even coverage.
  • Multi-angle compact mounting bracket system allows for a variety of speaker angles.
  • Rigid high-impact ABS enclosure for durability.


Bracket Adjustment Range: EVID 2.1: 160° x 60° ;
EVID 40S: Fixed
Coverage, Music: EVID 2.1: 100° x 100°;
EVID 40S: Omnidirectional
Coverage, Voice: EVID 2.1: 150° x 150°;
EVID 40S: Omnidirectional
Impedance: EVID 2.1: 16 ohms;
EVID 40S: Dual 8 ohms / mono 4 ohms
Included Accessories: Wall bracket; hex wrench
Maximum SPL: EVID 2.1: 100 dB;
EVID 40S: 114 dB
Power Handling (Continuous / Peak): EVID 2.1: 30 W;
EVID 40S: 200 W
Transducer: EVID 2.1: 50 mm (1.97 in);
EVID 40S: 200 mm
Frequency Response (-10 dB): EVID 2.1: 180 Hz - 20 kHz;
EVID 40S: 180 Hz - 20 k Hz
Sensitivity 1 W/1 m: EVID 2.1: 84 dB;
EVID 40S: 88 dB
Connector Type: Phoenix (2-pin)
Enclosure Material: EVID 2.1: ABS (fire rated);
EVID 40S: Wood (MDF);
Height: EVID 2.1: 115mm;
EVID 40S: 400 mm
Width: EVID 2.1: 85mm;
EVID 40S: 400 mm
Depth: EVID 2.1: 95mm;
EVID 40S: 230 mm
Shipping Weight: 1 sub and 4 satellites: 18.26kg