EV DH1K Diaphragm Kit


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Genuine Factory Electro-Voice DH1K & DH1M Diaphragm F.01U.247.593



Brand New Genuine Factory Electro Voice DH-1K, DH1K, DH-1M, DH1M Diaphragm, EV part # F.01U.247.593

  • Factory EV replacement speaker diaphragm part # F.01U.247.593
  • Voice coil: 1-7/16″ (37mm)
  • 8 ohm
  • Diameter: 3-3/8″ (86mm)
  • Titanium dome with edge wound voice coil on Nomex former
Fits Electro-Voice (EV) Driver and Cabinet Models: ELX112, ELX115, ELX215, ELX-112, ELX-115, ELX-215, ELX112P, ELX115P, ELX-112P, ELX-115P, ZLX12, ZLX-12, ZLX12P, ZLX-12P, ZLX15, ZLX-15, ZLX15P, ZLX-15P, DH-1K, DH1K, DH-1M, DH1M, Live-X, Live X, LiveX, EKX12, EKX-12P, EKX15, EKX-15P

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