Connbox 4

Connbox 4


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Rycote ConnBox 4 - Microphone Cable Connection Box for Modular Suspension System with Single TA5-male Connection

Product Code: 016904

The Rycote ConnBox microphone cable connector boxes are designed to mount on the Rycote Suspension system. The ConnBox serves as a solution for 2 major problems associated with microphone shock isolation. Rigid microphone cables often deny true microphone isolation, weighing the microphone down and causing noise from movement and vibration to reach the microphone. Noise and rattling due to bulky cable connections can cause problems as well.

The ConnBox simply connects between the microphone and input device. Being that the ConnBox mounts to the Suspension system, the microphone cable is given the necessary slack needed to achieve true noise free isolation. The ConnBox features a hardwired output cable (XLR 3-pin or 5-pin connection depending on model) and TA-3M or TA-5M (also model specific) input connectors. The microphone cable is always included and features a standard 3-pin XLR female connector.

Single Stereo TA5 Input Connection
The ConnBox 4 features a single stereo TA5 input connection to accommodate stereo microphones with single stereo 5-pin outputs. A TA5 to 5-pin XLR microphone cable is included.
Standard XLR Output
A hardwired 5-pin XLR output cable connects to stereo 5-pin XLR microphone inputs. The ConnBox will pass phantom power to condenser microphones whenever necessary.
Mounts To Rycote Suspension Mount
The ConnBox mounts directly onto the Rycote Suspension Mount, relieving cable tension that can cause noise or damage.

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