CLS 440

CLS 440


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4 cores loudspeaker multicore highflex (Sold by the Meter, 1m)

4 conductors in one cable (4 x 4.00 mm² pure, low-oxygen copper strands) allow a secure and complete signal transmission.

You will always be on the safe side with this speaker cable, whether in LIVE environments or in the studio. 

Active multi-amplifier systems for time-saving and cost-reducing reasons are wired with speakers multicore cables. All Cordial CLS multicore with respect to their cross-section are optimized for the use of modern Neutrik Speaker Twist connectors, but also fit into other previously used multipins.

Conductor area 4.00 mm²
category Loudspeaker
Composition of conductor 225 x 0.15 mm
Material bare copper
Conductor resistance 4.95 Ohm/km
diameter 12.0 mm
weight bulk cable 270 g/m



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