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AIR1 Universal Miniature Fur Windscreen 2pcs in box

The most advanced and consistent wind protection you’ve ever used
When you can't trust Mother Nature, trust your kit
AIR1 is a unique windscreen for lavalier and headset mics with a patent-pending design that guarantees fast mounting, highly efficient and consistent wind protection, and unrivaled acoustic transparency. AIR1 fits on any round omnidirectional miniature mics between Ø2.5-5.8 mm (0.1-0.23 in). AIR1 ships with two windscreens of the same size and color in the box.
 Efficient and consistent wind protection
 Swift and effortless mounting
 Complete acoustical transparency
 Six color options
 Fits most major brands' professional miniature mics

Two layers of wind protection
The first layer of protection is a newly-designed acoustic fur. The synthetic hair type, length, and density make the windscreen significantly smaller than most, without sacrificing wind rejection effectiveness.
The second layer of protection is the air cavity created in front of the microphone. Two sturdy arches keep the fur spaced away from the mic and maintain constant air volume. In addition, there is a mic stop to ensure that the microphone holds its position at the most protected point inside the windscreen – the acoustic sweet spot.

Easy to mount, even with your eyes closed
AIR1 was designed so that users can mount it quickly and easily even in difficult weather situations. The hard plastic construction is robust with handles that are strong and easy to use, from the first to the last time. With a large opening, a strong clasp, and a mic stop, it takes just a moment to insert the microphone into the windscreen and ensure it is properly positioned and securely fixed in the acoustic sweet spot.
No sacrificing intelligibility for protection
With consistent positioning and efficient wind protection taken care of, ensuring acoustical transparency can be achieved. Due to its nature, all acoustic fur attenuates certain frequencies. AIR1 has a built-in boundary surface that boosts the frequencies attenuated so that the audio captured is completely intelligible and sounds as if no wind protection is being used (minus that troublesome wind noise of course).
Will it work on my mic? – Of course!
AIR1 fits on any round omnidirectional miniature mics between Ø2.5-5.8 mm (0.1-.23 in).
 AIR1 Small for mic diameter 2.5-4.3 mm (0.10-0.17 in)
 AIR1 Large for mic diameter 4.3-5.8 mm (0.17-0.23 in)
The table below shows an overview of the most popular professional miniature microphones and the recommended AIR1 size variant.


DPA 4060 / 4061 / 4062 / 4063
DPA 4071
DPA 4660 / 4661
DPA 6060 / 6061
Countryman B6
Sennheiser MKE 2
Sennheiser MKE 1
Sanken COS-11
Sony ECM-77B
Sony ECM-90
Shure Twinplex
Large ⚪
Large ⚪
Large ⚪
Small 🔴
Small 🔴
Large ⚪
Small 🔴
Small 🔴
Large ⚪
Small 🔴
Large ⚪


DPA 4066
DPA 4266
DPA 4466
DPA 6066
Sennheiser HSP 2
Sennheiser HSP Essential Omni
Sennheiser SL Headmic
Countryman H6
Shure Twinplex TH53
Large ⚪
Large ⚪
Large ⚪
Small 🔴
Large ⚪
Large ⚪
Small 🔴
Small 🔴
Large ⚪

You've never used a windscreen like this before
AIR1 has been designed with a revolutionary new and patent-pending approach to miniature microphone windscreens. Take a look inside and listen to the sound samples.


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