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Sachtler System FSB 6 FT MS

Contains: FSB 6 fluid head (0407) + tripod flowtech75 MS with mid-level spreader and rubber feet (4585) + padded bag flowtech75 (9116) + carry handle (S2051-1061)


  • Suitable for camera setups up to 8 kg
  • Dynamic counterweight system
  • System Overall weight 5kg
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  • Introducing Flowtech75

    Videographers are always looking to better ways to go steady. Newer, smoother pan heads, stabilizers, and specialized tripods can help make their jobs easier…if they are well designed. Tripod makers Sachtler and Vinten have joined forces to invent the Flowtech 75, a new line of tripods that have unique quick-release brakes that let you deploy and adjust your tripod in seconds, and a hinge lock mechanism that lets you shoot from extremely low and high angles. Extensively tested for reliable performance in extreme conditions, and fully compatible with standard video pan heads, the carbon fiber design is said to offer exceptional stability.

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    Sachtler FSB 6 Head


    Load Capacity 1.5 to 8 kg
    Camera Plate
    Camera Plate Features Sliding Balance Plate, Quick Release
    Diameter/Thread 75mm
    Counter Balance System 10 steps
    Quick Release/Wedge Plate Yes
    Balance Plate Sliding Range 120 mm
    Balance Plate Yes, 120 mm Sliding Range
    Tilt Drag 3 Steps plus Zero
    Tripod Platform
    Tilt Range -75 to +90°
    Tilt Lock Yes
    Pan Range 360°
    Pan Lock Yes
    Base Mount 75 mm Half Ball
    Leveling Bubble/Illuminated Yes / Yes
    Pan & Tilt
    Drag Control Tilt: 3-Step Plus 0
    Temperature Range -40 to +140°F / -40 to +60°C
    Weight 2.6 kg
    Vertical Tilt +90° to -75°
    Panning Range 360°
    Independent Pan Lock Yes
    Independent Tilt Lock Yes
    Counter Balance Incremental 10-Step
    Bubble Level 1 x Illuminated