URSA Head Straps

URSA Straps

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Introducing the new URSA Head Strap – Designed for Motion Capture Artists and Puppeteers.

This strap allows you to securely rig one or more microphones to the centre of the forehead, you can also rig headphones and attach markers to the exterior of the strap. Each strap features a Hypoallergenic polyurethane gripper to ensure it stays firmly in place whilst remaining comfortable to wear.

Head Straps were designed originally for Production Sound Mixer Simon Hayes for use on the film ‘CATS’ to capture live vocals from the motion capture performances.

  • Available now in Black & Beige
  • Adjustable gripper Straps – One Size Fits All
  • Machine Washable with detergent at 40 Degrees. Hang dry or Tumble Dry.

URSA Straps use certified OEKO-TEX hypoallergenic fabric and gripper.


Simon Hayes, Production Sound Mixer

Les Misérables, Mary Poppins Returns, Fantastic Beasts (view more on IMDB)

“When Tom Hooper said he wanted to capture live vocals on ‘Cats’ while the actors were dancing in every style from ballet to street we knew we had to find a solution for mic’ing that not only captured every head turn perfectly ‘on mic’ but would not slip or move during energetic movements. We also wanted to provide the highest level of comfort because the mics would be fitted all day, every day for the whole production. After meeting with the URSA team, Arthur Fenn (1st Assistant Sound) and myself began a collaboration that has resulted in the URSA Head Strap. After months of testing in prep and rehearsals, the actors had a product for the shoot that was incredibly comfortable that enabled them to perform completely uninhibited movements while we recorded their vocals with a perfect mic position on every take”

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