TR-1800 EU


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RTS TR-1800 EU ROAMEO Wireless Intercom Beltpack 1.88-1.90 GHz


Display Type 320x240 pixel color LCD
RF Frequency Range 1880-1900 (EU), 1920-1930 (NA)
RF Standard DECT
RF range, typical 50-75 m indoor, 150-200 m outdoor
Voice Codecs G.722 (wideband) / G.726 (narrowband)
Voice latency (ms) Approx 40 ms BP to BP; 30 ms BP
Width (Shipping) 244
Height (Shipping) 99
Depth (Shipping) 144
Weight (Shipping) 0.68
IP-rating IP-52
Roaming Full, automatic
Max BPs/AP 5 (G.722), 10 (G.726)
Battery Life 17 hours
Max BPs/system 40
Frequency Response 300 - 7000 Hz (G.722), 300 - 3500 Hz (G.726)
User Interface Icons plus text
Antenna Dual, internal
Languages 10
Headsets 5-pin female XLR
Menu keys 4
Keys 4x2 + reply and clear
Call Waiting Window Monochrome

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