ND 2-8


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Electro-Voice ND2-8 Replacement Diaphragm Kit

diaphragm for Zx3 & Zx5 (ND2-8)

  • Factory EV replacement speaker diaphragm part # 800810100
  • Voice coil: 2″ (50mm)
  • Diameter: 3-3/16″ (81mm)
  • Impedance: 8 ohm, DCR: 5.3 ohm
  • Titanium dome with edge wound voice coil on Kapton former.
  • Fits Electro-Voice (EV) Driver and Cabinet Models:

EV: ND2, ND2-8, ND2S-8, 301681101, 301362001, EVF-1122S/94, EVF1122S/96, EVF-1122/99, EVF-1122S/126, EVF-1152/43, EVF-1152S/64, EVF-1152S/66, EVF-1152S/96, EVF-1152S/99, EVF-1152S/94, TX 2152, XLD 281, XLD 291, XLE 181, XLE 191, ZX3-60W, ZX3-60PI, ZX3-90W, ZX3-90-PI, ZX5-60W, ZX5-90-PI, ZXA5-60W, F01U110484, and many more!

Please check your model before ordering to make sure you are getting the correct diaphragm.

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