MA-2030A Yamaha Power Amplifier


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Yamaha MA2030a Power Amplifier

Lo-Z/Hi-Z switchable Class-D mixer amplifier (Lo-Z: 30W x2ch, Hi-Z: 60W x1ch) equipped with 3 types of selectable stereo inputs, 2 mic inputs and powerful DSP functions for high quality music playback and microphone use.

  • Easy setup, and a user-friendly interface for effortless operation
  • Supporting Lo-Z (30W @3Ω/4Ω/8Ω) and Hi-Z (60W x1ch, 70V/100V) speaker systems
  • Flexible 2 mic inputs and selectable 3 stereo inputs
  • Advanced DSP functions for music playback and microphone use (Feedback Suppressor, Priority Ducker, Leveler)
  • Bass and treble stereo source EQ with enhancer function
  • Built-in speaker EQ optimum for Yamaha VXC/VXS series speaker
  • Built-in HPF
  • Service zone can be expanded by adding a PA2030a
  • Remote volume control and microphone on/off switching via the optional DCP control panels (DCP1V4S, 1 DCP panel per unit)
  • Intelligent protection function ensures safe, reliable operation
  • Certified as Yamaha Eco Products
  • Space-saving 1U rack size (*sufficient space must be provided above and below the unit for airflow and cooling.)


A Smart Simple Solution


With quick, easy setup and intuitive operation, the compact MA and PA series power amplifiers make it easier than ever to bring your commercial space to life. The MA2030a and PA2030a are ideal audio solutions for retail stores, eateries, classrooms or public facilities like hospitals. The MA2120 and PA2120 meet the demands of a wide range of applications requiring higher power as well as more flexible DSP functionality and zone control. All models combine approachable, unobtrusive design with efficient, flexible performance. The MA2030a and MA2120 offer mixing capability with source EQ (Bass/Treble) control, as well as some of the same state-of-the-art DSP technol-ogies that are acclaimed features of professional Yamaha audio gear. Whether providing background music for a café or restaurant or powering a conference room or other application requiring microphone input, the MA/PA series amplifiers are simple yet powerful tools that can help establish an ideal commercial sound environment.

- Simple, user-friendly interface

- Stereo and microphone inputs (MA series)

- DSP functions optimized for background music (MA series)

- Switchable for low (3/4/8 Ω) and high (70/100 V) impedance speaker systems

- Stereo source EQ with enhancer function (MA series)

- EQ for optimum performance with Yamaha VXC/VXS series speakers built in

- Easy service zone expansion with PA series amplifiers (PA2030a excluded)

- Optional DCP control panels allow convenient remote volume control, microphone ON/OFF switching and chime activation (PA2030a excluded)

- Industry leading Yamaha quality control and reliability

- Compact, space-saving design*

* All models are naturally cooled designs that require sufficient surrounding space for airflow.

MA/PA Series Features

  MA2120 PA2120 MA2030a PA2030a
Easy setup and a user-friendly interface
Highly-efficient Class-D amplifier
Certified with ENERGY STAR    
Switchable for Lo-Z and Hi-Z speaker systems
Output Power: Lo-Z 120W x 2 @4Ω
100W x 2 @3Ω / 8Ω
30W x 2 @3Ω / 4Ω / 8Ω
Output Power: Hi-Z 120W x 2 @70V / 100V
200W x 1 @70V / 100V
60W x 1 @70V / 100V
Flexible inputs 6 Mic/Line inputs & 2 Stereo inputs 1 Stereo /2 mono line inputs 2 mic inputs,
3 stereo inputs
1 Stereo /2 mono line inputs
Useful DSP functions for BGM application Priority Ducker, Leveler    
Useful DSP functions for MC application Feedback Suppressor, HPF    
Compressor, Reverb & Echo      
Built-in stereo source EQ    
Built-in speaker EQ for Yamaha VXS/VXC Series speakers
Output EQ    
Filters HPF
Number of source & volume-controlable zone 2 1
Remote volume control from optional Yamaha DCP control panels  
Compatible DCP DCP4V4S, DCP1V4S, DCP4S DCP1V4S -
Number of maximum DCP panels per unit 2 1 -