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Electro-Voice EKX-18SP Powered 18" Subwoofer

Get impressive bass every time with Electro-Voice's premium subwoofer!

Mighty Bass Projection

Designed to take DJ and Band's live sound to new heights, the Electro-Voice EKX-18SP Powered 18" Subwoofer is a sleek and deluxe designed subwoofer that delivers 1600W of articulate low-end power.

Featuring a highly sensitive transducer, let your audience feel your performance with its deep and punchy presence. Taking your live show to the next level from the first use!

With some of the finest and most innovative technology whilst remaining impressively lightweight, the EKX-18SP is a must-have for any professional!

Electro-Voice EKX-18SP Powered 18" Subwoofer Features:

  • Exceptional Bass for Live Sound and Installation Applications
  • Transparent Sound at High Volumes with 1600W Peak Power Output
  • Precise Low-Frequency Reproduction from an 18" Woofer
  • Compact, Lightweight, and Easy to Setup

Professional and Practical

Get consistent performance when you need it most, as the EKX-18SP is perfect for single use or when multiple subs are being used. The internal Cardioid Control Technology enables the speaker to be highly adaptable, directed toward the audience with up to 35dB reduction on stage. So your set will flow without an issue!

Hassle-Free Functionality

Boasting the QuicksmartDSP processor, you're enabled with a user-efficient set up and instantly impressive sound straight away. And with an extensive range of phenomenal user-programmable presets for industry worthy audio at a click of a button. It's never been simpler to achieve a spectacular show sound!

Electro-Voice EKX-18SP Powered 18" Subwoofer Specifications:

  • Frequency Response (-3 dB): 50 Hz - 100 Hz Half Space Measurement
  • Frequency Range (-10 dB): 35 Hz - 300 Hz Half Space Measurement
  • Axial Sensitivity (SPL, 1 W @ 1 m): 95 dB
  • Maximum SPL: 134 dB Maximum SPL is measured at 1 m using broadband pink noise at rated peak power rating
  • Recommended High-Pass Frequency: 30 Hz
  • Coverage (H x V): 90 x 60
  • Power Handling (Continuous / Peak): 400 W/1600 W
  • LF Transducer: EVS-18C 457 mm (18 in)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 O
  • Minimum Impedance: 7.0 O
  • Connector Type: Dual NL4
  • Enclosure Material: 15 mm, plywood with EVCoat
  • Grill: 18 AWG steel with powdercoat
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 520 mm (20.47") x 606 mm (23.86") x 612 mm (24.09")
  • Net Weight: 31.8 kg (70.11 lbs)
  • Shipping Weight: 40.1 kg (88.41 lbs)
  • F.01U.303.390