CLS 225

CLS 225


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Professional Speaker Cable (Sold by the Meter, 1m)

Loudspeaker Cable 2.5 mm² highflex

The CLS 225 has proved itself in practice as regards PA systems, on stage and in the hi-fi sector.

Due to its small overall diameter this cable becomes the first choice whenever lack of space is the problem. CORDIAL employs 2.5mm² halogen-free copper strands. The soft jacket protects the cable very efficiently.

Composition of cores 2 cores
Isolation PVC
Conductor area 2.50 mm²
category Loudspeaker
Composition of conductor 140 x 0.15 mm
Material bare copper
Conductor resistance 8 Ohm/km
diameter 7.8 mm
test voltage 2000 V eff.
weight bulk cable 105 g/m


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