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All-in-one USB Microphone

- All-in-one USB cardioid desktop microphone - Ideal for live streaming, video conferencing, vocal performances, and more scenarios - Universal compatibility with Android devices, Windows/Mac computers. - Built-in Full HD 1080p camera - LED ring light with three adjustable brightness levels - 90 Degree wide-angle view design - Gain control, headphone volume control, and mute function - 3.5mm headphone jack for real-time monitoring - Durable detachable microphone desktop stand - Plug and play, easy to operate

The BY-CM6A is a versatile desktop USB microphone with 1080P HD built-in camera, which works perfectly with Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, video conferencing, etc. Moreover, with a High-Def Built-in Camera, the BY-CM6A can easily help you gain a great quality of video at 1080P throughout your video calls, live-stream, blog, recording, as well as more occasions. Excellent Vocal Recording With the integration of 20-20KHz frequency response as well as up to 24bit/48KHz resolution, the BY-CM6A captures crystal-clear voice while delivering lush detail for your vocal recording.

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