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Canare BCP-D55UHD 75-Ohm UHD BNC Male Cable End Connector -
For Canare L-5.5CUHD Cable 1pcs

Canare BCP-D55UHD Male BNC crimp cable end connector is designed to match with Canares new 12G UHD-SDI video coax cable, L-5.5CUHD. The connector features low return loss up to 12GHz, and Canare quality nickel plated die-cast coupling sleeve and brass body, and gold plated center pin.

Key Features & Benefits

  • DC to 3GHz: >26dB Return Loss
  • Position mark on body
  • Gold plated center pin with snap lock
  • Canares original elongated sleeve design

Key Specifications

  • Matching Cable - Canare L-5.5CUHD
  • Crimp Die Set: Canare TCD-55UHD
  • Crimp Tool - TC-1
  • Boot - CB02
  • Return Loss (0~3GHz) - 26.4dB or greater
  • Return Loss (0~6GHz) - 20.0dB or greater
  • Return Loss (0~12GHz) - 15.0dB or greater
  • Coupling Sleeve - Zinc Alloy Die Casting
  • Center Pin - Gold Plating

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